Ulises, born in Venezuela but of Greek descent, began his solo artist career in 2004. Accompanied only by his guitar and tracks that he self-produced in his own home, Ulises pursued his musical career while holding a steady job as a drums and guitar instructor, and while pursuing a degree in Sociology. By 2007, he already played regularly in art galleries while also teaching in the Art Faculty at the University of Zulia. His musical career took a turn in 2008 when he released his first album, Presente, produced by Roberto Rincon. With his first production, Ulises achieved a signature imprint in his music. He developed an intimate but elaborate tone, created only by experimenting with various tools and techniques, such as loopstation, formats employed by larger bands, metals, and blending ethnic instruments like the Bouzouki or the Tumbeleki. His self-reflection is also very distinct in his lyrics and melodies. He not only displays his mastery in music and composing, but also the level of introspection acquired by his studies in psychoanalysis started after completing his Masters in Philosophy. His knowledge is key in his work, since according to Ulises, “the subconscious plays a very important role in the creative process of every artists.“ His debut album, Presente, and latest release, Cosas Perdidas, have been both acclaimed by media worldwide, including important publications like Rolling Stone who gave his first production four stars. The singer-songwriter, considered by critics as “one of the most innovative representatives of South American Pop,“ made his live debut in the US in July 2012 with shows in New York, Philadelphia, and Miami. He has also toured internationally with shows in Mexico (Vive Latino 2013 and Festival RMX 2013), Argentina (Festival El Vecinal), Uruguay (Festival Llegando a Montevideo), Spain (Deezer Monkey Week Festival), Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Ulises was nominated to three Latin GRAMMYS® 2012 in the categories of “Best New Artist,“ “Best Alternative Album,“ and “Best Rock Song,“ for his single Donde Va. Although, he had previously been awarded a Latin GRAMMY for his work as a sound engineer in 2007, these were his first nominations as an artist.

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